Monday, 14 January 2013

Zhaf Star Wars: The Old Republic guides review

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Title: Zhaf Star Wars: The Old Republic guides
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Website: Zhaf Swtor Guides

Zhaf swtor guides overview

Zhaf guides are claimed to be one of the best swtor guides available.. and they actually are! These guides will help you master Star Wars: The Old Republic by providing detailed instructions on many aspects of the game. If you think you still have something to learn about the game, these guides are perfect for you.

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Is it legit?

Having heard many testimonials it can be concluded that this guide is legitimate. However if you are still wandering whether to trust it, you can safely buy it and if not satisfied return it within 60 days for a full refund.

What is included?

Zhaf guides include an enormous amounts if information regarding many aspects of the game. Here is a list of guides you can get:

  • Beginners Guide - learn everything you need to know before starting playing
  • User Interface Guide - learn how to effectively customise UI
  • Game Mechanics Guide - learn game mechanics faster and gain starting advantage
  • Abilities & Skills Guide - learn what abilities and skills your class can use
  • Levelling Guide Features - learn the most optimised levelling path
  • Detailed Maps and Images - use comprehensive maps that cover all areas of swtor along with images and exact NPC locations
  • Galactic Trade Network - learn strategies how to effectively use Galactic Trade Network or GTN at any level
  • Crafting strategies - learn how to use crafting effectively to make lost of credits
  • Lvl 50 Credit Earning Quests - learn how to qualify and quicly complete daily quests
  • Crew Skills Guide - learn how to level any crew skill the fastest
  • All Eight Classes Covered - learn how to play each class effectively
  • Optimal Levelling Builds - learn optimal levelling paths and builds
  • Best PvP Builds - learn the best PVP builds
  • Ideal Flashpoint Builds - learn what builds to use for flashpoints

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